What is included with the hair test?

An easy-to-read visual of the levels of your nutritional elements, toxic elements and additional elements, clearly showing your current levels. Extra minerals can also be added onto the standard test kit to include the nutritional element of Boron (needed for bone health amongst other things) and the toxic element Antimony, to provide a more comprehensive profile.

A report of up to 11 pages of analysis, pinpointing dietary recommendations and a suggested, nutritional supplements course (if required). Please view our HTMA Sample Report for a sample of this.

The option to contact me to book:

A 30-minute appointment (at an additional cost of £40) to discuss the results of your test, what they indicate and how to address them.

Or alternatively;

A full 60-minute functional medicine appointment (at an additional cost of £75) where I can analyse your lifestyle, diet, medication, supplements, health history, family symptoms and any other test results that you may have, in addition to your hair mineral test, to get an overall picture of your current situation.