Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward:  “respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.”

I originally started training to do this job because I wanted to help people.  I’m now doing that and I love it.  The sad reality of life is that I need to pay my bills, rent, etc.  This means that I need to be paid for my services.


A Facebook post by a local charity, Nite Light CIC, caught my eye:

“True story …. we gave out 5 meal cards in Middlesbrough today.  One guy didn’t realise he could exchange our card for a meal so we went with him to exchange it at The Stottie Company in the train station.  He was offered the option of eating in or taking away, his response was “I will eat in if it’s not embarrassing for you”  😢 😢   We work with organisations that offer kindness and compassion and treat others how you would like to be treated.  We want to offer more meals to those struggling and want to support our local businesses that have just opened.  We work throughout the Tees Valley.  If you can help by buying someone else a meal


Pay It Forward Meal Vouchers

The compassion shown in this post really touched me.

So, I’m also going to Pay It Forward to help people have at least one hot meal before they go to sleep at night.  For every test kit sold and appointment attended, I will make a monthly donation to this charity.

This doesn’t affect the prices that I charge.  But it means that YOU will be getting even more value for money!  Because not only will you be gaining valuable insight into your health, but you will also:

  • be helping a homeless person to be treated with dignity and have a hot meal
  • be helping a local business to recover from the recent pandemic lockdown measures


If you’d like to help them, please feel free to visit them at