Detoxifying with the right minerals

The great thing about the human body is it works to naturally remain in balance. A big part of this is detoxifying to remove harmful toxins. However, it is easy to block the pathways for detoxification. This can cause all kinds of issues. What you may need here is to get professional advice. This can look at how you could open these pathways and improve your health. It can also help you to get your mineral balancing right.

Why does it happen?

Mineral balancingA pathway for detoxification can be blocked for a number of reasons. Most notably it could be due to a bad diet with too much processed food, sugar, and fat. This can mean you don’t consume the right nutrients to power the removal of toxins from your body.

Poor hydration is also a major cause. Drinking enough water is important for helping your body to flush out toxins. Sadly, today most people don’t drink enough water and favour sugary drinks. Too many of them can be causing issues as they are not very hydrating.

Another major cause of blockages is exposure to toxins. On a typical day you will encounter dozens of toxic elements in the air, water, and your surroundings at home, work, and outside. They can also be in food, cosmetics, and medication. The body can naturally remove small doses but as they get bigger, it gets harder to do this. It can therefore lead to problems.

Lifestyle habits and stress can also cause issues. Things like lack of sleep, not exercising enough or doing the wrong exercise, and skipping self care can all mean your body does not detoxify as effectively as it should.


If you do have a problem with detoxification and mineral balancing it can result in lots of different symptoms. For example you may suffer aches and pains, acne, congestion, flu like feelings, and more. In the worst situations it can affect your vision, cause vomiting, and even affect your ability to breathe. You may also struggle with fatigue and having no energy.

Mineral balancing can help

The right balance of minerals is essential for your health. It will ensure your body gets everything it needs to produce energy and function, including detoxification.

There are several minerals you need on a daily basis, including sodium and potassium. These are known as macrominerals.

In addition, you need to ensure you consume smaller amounts of several vital microminerals. While you don’t need such high quantities of them, they are still essential. This includes things like iron, zinc, and molybdenum.

Ask us for help

Hair Mineral Testing UK provides a fantastic service if you have any concerns. We can help people suffering with different symptoms, whether it is because of toxins, dietary problems, or a combination of factors.

What we can do is offer hair testing to get a better idea of the levels of nutrients and toxic elements in your body. We can then interpret the results, looking at anything that may be too high or too low. We can also look at how a deficiency in one or more nutrients could be causing issues with others.

Ultimately we can help you to get your mineral balancing right so you can be as healthy as possible. So, speak to us today if you need any advice.