My name is Marie Harrison and I am a fully-registered and regulated Nutritional Therapist. I hold an MSc in Nutritional Therapy after completing my dissertation on “Do Supplemental Forms of B-Vitamins Increase Cancer Risk in Humans?” I have also attend further ongoing education specialising in the interpretation of hair mineral analysis tests.

I have been working with clients on a Functional Medicine basis since 2017 and am such an advocate for hair mineral testing that I decided to offer this test to the wider public, without the need to see me for a consultation (unless you want to). It can tell you so much about what is happening inside your body and offer insights into possible causes for pesky symptoms that you just can’t get rid of. Not only could these be the result of nutritional deficiencies but also heavy metals which can affect how the body operates, thereby having wide-ranging effects.

This test is ideal because it’s affordable and non-invasive, making it a real option for children, frail adults or those scared of needles.

You’ll be amazed at what you will find out about yourself from this one simple test and the information contained within the approximately 11-page report that you’ll receive. This report explains exactly what the test results means and what they can potentially indicate for your health.

All of this is with no obligation at all – you can just buy your test and walk away with the results.

Though if you need further assistance with the interpretation or would like to talk through your hair test results then I can offer a half-hour session at a cost of £40, just contact me or Buy It Now to arrange this. Alternatively, you may wish to book in for a 1-hour Functional Medicine appointment, for which I can analyse this test and any other recent tests in additional to your symptoms, diet, lifestyle, medication, supplements, medical history, family history, etc. This provides you with truly unique recommendations.

Shipping is to the UK mainland only due to distribution agreements in place in other countries.
Shipping for the hair mineral analysis test is FREE.

Goods are dispatched within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.