At Hair Mineral Testing UK, we are a trusted online provider of hair mineral and tissue analysis test kits. With our highly-qualified and specialist staff in hair mineral analysis, our non-invasive kits can test your hair for metal toxicity and mineral imbalances/deficiencies. Gaining this sort of insight into your bodies needs and performance can also result in a much happier and healthier person overall. We pride ourselves on employing knowledgeable, professional staff that provide an excellent service, customer care and support. Get in touch today for more information on hairmineraltestinguk@gmail.com or use our contact form here.

Every UK hair mineral testing kit sold online and appointment attended results in a donation to charity – See Pay It Forward for more information.

Who would benefit from Hair Mineral Analysis?

People exposed to environmental or occupation toxins such as metal toxicity, e.g. metal workers, painters, mechanics, hairdressers, farmers, timber merchants/joiners, glass workers, photography development, farmers, factory workers, carpet & furniture manufacture/fitting, etc.

Women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant and want to ensure they are as healthy as possible

Children, even babies can safely use this test as it is non-invasive and affordable.

Everyone! Minerals are essential for growth, healing, vitality and wellbeing. They provide structural support in bones and teeth, maintain the body’s acid-base balance, water balance, nerve conduction, muscle contractions and enzyme functions.

Ideally, we should get all the minerals we need from a balanced diet. Unfortunately, this is rarely possible in today’s world which is why we need to test and monitor our nutritional needs now more than ever. Our easy to use and non-invasive hair mineral and tissue analysis test kits help people across the UK understand what their body needs and what they are lacking.


Conditions affected by mineral imbalances include:

Acne Depression Hormone imbalance Mood swings
Allergies Diabetes Hyperactivity Muscle cramps
Alzheimer’s disease Digestive Problems Immune impairment Osteoporosis
Anaemia Fatigue Infertility PMS
Anxiety Hair loss & poor nails Insomnia Prostate problems
Arthritis Headaches Learning difficulties Skin problems
Atherosclerosis High blood pressure Macular degeneration Stress
Cardiac conditions High blood sugar Memory problems Thyroid disorders
Dental problems High Cholesterol Migraines Wounds healing poorly

This is not an exhaustive list, but gives you an indication of how useful hair mineral testing can be.



If you’re looking to gain an understanding of your body’s chemical balances, then our hair mineral analysis test kits are a perfect way to receive insight in a non-invasive manner. We provide people across the UK with our hair tissue analysis kits via our easy-to-use online shop. We also offer appointments with our expert team to analyse your hair along-side your lifestyle, diet, medication, supplement usage and health history.



Once you have ordered your testing kit online, just follow the simple instructions once it has arrived. The results from your hair analysis test kit will show you your mineral deficiencies, element imbalances and metal toxicity. These are all important things to monitor so you can keep your body at its healthiest and nourish your biochemistry. The hair tissue test results can help you determine if your headaches, hair loss, water retention, fatigue or acne are due to imbalances of specific minerals or toxic metals being present in your body. This information can allow you thrive and become a much healthier and happier person overall. If you have any queries or questions regarding hair mineral testing, then please get in touch today on hairmineraltestinguk@gmail.com or use our contact form here.